Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Paint It Black / Blog Update

Yeah buddy, good old Paint it Black, and no I don't mean "I see a red door and I want to paint it blaaaack". Dudes have been putting out crazy hardcore jams since their 2002 demo, which I will not include, because I don't have it, nor do I want to take it from another potential blog that does have it. What I can give you is a couple of EPs and a few LPS. Back to business, Paint It Black hails from Philadelphia, PA, and the front man is none other then Dan Yemin. You know, Dan Yemin, the guitarist from Lifetime? Get with the times guys. You can either go listen to reformed Lifetime (which sucks, in my opinion. sorry guys), or listen to a fresh, basically new sound, in Paint it Black. But really, go over to Jade Tree Records, and pick up a few records by them, they are pretty astounding. Anyway, It's 4 PM here, and I just woke up, so my band coverage is really lame currently. Regardless, don't listen to what I have to say. You know the drill, download the music, give it a few listens, and if you like it, buy it somewhere. I actually have New Lexicon and CVA on wax.

Okay, so you probably noticed the Blog Update thing in the title, it's not really an update for the blog itself, but there are some things I would like to talk about. First and foremost, we will not be uploading most newly released albums, and if we do, we will be putting a link to purchase the record so that we don't look like nujacks (yes that includes the new Converge, so don't ask). Second, if you download something, or even visit the blog, post in the shoutbox or comment the post so that we know someone out there is actually checking us out. Which brings me to my final rambling notion of the day, Caleb Lionheart posted a bulletin about our blog, and it's actually not about filing charges for stealing music! But in all seriousness, it got me really stoked to know that they saw what I wrote about them, and maybe they will hurry up on the next release so that I can write more. Anyway, go check them out on myspace, and Farewell Party Records.


  1. Thanks man, been looking for some legitimate Paint it Black downloads for ages. I'd heard everything but CVA and Paradise, but now I have them. Thanks heaps, great band, great site.