Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Damn, I'm popping out posts like its nothing. Ah, the compliments of having no life, agreed? Of course you agree. Hate is a chicago hardcore band, yes, a hardcore band, i do listen to that stuff too. Okay, so not much is really known about this band, so sadly I can't go in depth with you about them, but I will try my best. So far the band has 4 true releases, and one compilation. 3 are demos, which are simply titled I, II, and III. Crimes is the bands debut EP, and the compilation is called Demo Collection, original name, not really. But the name means absolutely nothing, because the music, is definitely original. Hate isn't your run of the mill generic hardcore band with breakdowns and strange noises coming from the throat of an angry vegan, NOT AT ALL. These guys hate everything, they even hate you, they hate me for posting this, and they would hate me even if I didn't. They especially hate viewers that download shit, and never comment thanking the poster. So get on it or you will be hated even more, and this time it won't be at school! I noticed I always get off track and talk shit about something, and I'm sorry. So, to sum up everything I have said, download the links, and be prepared to have your ears mauled by angry and raw hardcore the way it should be.


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