Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Caleb Lionheart

Now, I don't want to assume to much, but I am almost positive none of you know who this band is. Introducing Caleb Lionheart and their first official release, Think Hardcore. Play Pop Punk. This 6 song EP will definitely have you hit the rewind button for multiple listens. I for one, am guilty of this feat, seeing as how I play Adrenaline and Keep Time, Lose Track at least 3 times in a row each. Obsessed? definitely. Everyone of these songs has the typical pop punk feel to it but with enough edge to not suck. Think Polar Bear Club, Crime in Stereo, and Fireworks, all crammed together to produce what is known as Caleb Lionheart. I've never heard a sound like this, the vocals are really weird, but it compliments the feel of the instruments. I mean, come on, listen to how he yells "ADRAYYNUUUULIINNNNN", and you will know exactly what I mean. These dudes are pop punk at its best, and at its least-gayest. Enjoy.

Think Hardcore. Play Pop Punk

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